Hire Jenn to Plan Your PD

I believe the best professional development is local – you implement it, you follow up on it. However, you may need help planning it. That’s where I come in.

I can help you:

  • design a single professional learning session for your leaders or teachers
  • determine a professional learning focus for the year and create a year-long plan
  • plan a single or multiple-session book study with a team of leaders, teachers, or parents
  • create a multiple-day training workshop for the summer to develop leaders or teachers

What I do:

  • First, I meet with you (virtually via Zoom or the phone) to understand your professional learning needs.
  • Next, I create an outline for the professional learning session or sessions.
  • After I get your feedback, I finalize the plan, create an entire PowerPoint or agenda and all handouts for the session(s).
  • Finally, I meet with you (again, virtually) to go through the session so you are prepared to present it.

How much does this cost?

Contact me to discuss your professional learning needs: J.David-Lang@TheMainIdea.net

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