Resources to Strengthen Your Leadership

These are difficult times to navigate as a leader. To help, I’ve created a page where you can view useful resources all in one place. You can click on a topic and easily explore all of the related book summaries, PD ideas, discussion questions, BookBits, tools, and podcasts.

What exactly does THE MAIN IDEA provide?

THE MAIN IDEA creates an 8-page summary of a current education book each month. This summary contains the core ideas of the book, and organizes those ideas with enough accompanying details and examples, so you can have a working knowledge of its content. At the end, THE MAIN IDEA includes a full page of suggestions for ways to use the ideas in the book for professional development of your staff.

A year-long subscription to THE MAIN IDEA not only includes these monthly book summaries, but it also includes free access to over 140 book summaries and workshops in our archives.

Mission of THE MAIN IDEA

At THE MAIN IDEA we believe education can be transformative for students. Currently there is a great deal of information about improving student learning. However, although expert knowledge is available, it is not necessarily in the hands of true practitioners — principals and school leaders.

THE MAIN IDEA helps to bridge that gap by providing school leaders with the best current education ideas and practices. Through in-depth 8-page summaries of current education books, and suggestions for implementing those ideas, THE MAIN IDEA empowers education leaders with the knowledge and tools to improve student learning.

What are the benefits of THE MAIN IDEA’s summaries?

Improve your knowledge → Improve your school


    • Learn the core ideas of 8-10 powerful education books a year
    • Improve your knowledge of current education ideas and practices
    • Get the important information in each book from the clearly organized format
    • Stay current and continue to learn — all the best education leaders do


    • Provide in-house professional development sessions yourself with PD suggestions in each summary
    • Use the ideas from the summaries in working with individual teachers
    • Rejuvenate yourself and your teachers by infusing your school with new ideas

The book I’ve been working on with Kim Marshall available now!

Kim and I chose 11 crucial “must know” education topics every busy school leader should know about. Then we combed through more than 8,000 article summaries in the Marshall Memo archive and compiled a “best of” collection for these 11 topics.

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