The Best of the Marshall Memo, Book One:
Ideas and Action Steps to Energize Leadership, Teaching, and Learning

by Kim Marshall and Jenn David-Lang

I’m excited to share that the book I’ve been working on with Kim Marshall is out!

Kim and I chose 11 crucial “must know” education topics every busy school leader should know about. Then we combed through more than 8,000 article summaries in the Marshall Memo archive and compiled a “best of” collection for these 11 topics.

Next, for each topic, we created accompanying professional learning suggestions to help school leaders put their new ideas into action. This is a welcome resource for school leaders who don’t have the time to forage for school-improvement ideas while tackling the day-to-day challenges of effectively running their schools.

Praise for The Best of the Marshall Memo

“For educators who genuinely desire to make a difference, this book will be an invaluable resource.” —Pedro Noguera, Professor of Education, UCLA

“I wish I had this resource when I was principal of a large urban high school, always trying to solve the seemingly unsolvable problem.” —Sue Szachowicz, former principal, Brockton High School

“In our efforts to help leaders grow and think critically, this collection of article summaries will be a source of great conversations.” —Curtis Jones, 2019 National Superintendent of the Year

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